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Deliveries,  Lead Times, and Damaged Goods


Product is scheduled for delivery by our chosen carriers when the order is completed.  We have contracted with the best / cheapest carriers that are available.  The carrier will generally contact you to arrange a delivery and delivery must be accepted within a reasonable amount of time or the carrier may charge additional storage fees that will be your responsibilty. 

Deliveries are scheduled Monday through Friday during normal business hours and are usually scheduled within a window of time.  When the carrier contacts you please make arrangements as soon as possible.

Lead Times 

Lead times vary depending upon the manufacturer.  We are a wholesaler representing a number of companies.  Some products will ship within 24 hours and some may take up to 4-5 weeks.  We will communicate with you about which products are quick-ship and which may take some time.

 Damaged Goods

* Very Important Information *

When the product is delivered, please notice any damaged, crushed, or cut boxes etc.  You do not have to inspect 500 pieces of product, however, if you notice any damage to any boxes, it must be notated on the Bill Of Lading.  If you notice any packaging that exhibits stress, tearing, cuts, abrasions, and etc. PLEASE open the box and inspect immediately.  Feel free to open any and all boxes you feel necessary.  Any goods damaged but not notated will not be replaced.  If damaged goods are found, please contact our office ASAP at 615 893 8683 during normal business hours Monday through Friday.