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Call our Customer Service Team toll free at 888 808 2253 to discuss your part needs M-F 9-4 CDT

.  We can discuss your folding chair replacement parts needs and conclude exactly what you need to get your chairs back in the best functional condition.  If we cannot assist, we will be able to direct you to a local or other source for your product need.

See Examples of Foot Caps and Stability and Saddle Plugs HERE

Replacement Folding Chair Parts / Folding Table Foot Caps

We ship  foot caps and stability plugs in LOTS of 100 qty each. Our parts are commercial in nature and designed for heavy-duty commercial applications.

Folding Chair Replacement Foot Caps / Folding Table Repl Foot Caps


If you need one, two, or etc foot caps, Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowes Home Improvement Centers have all different styles and varieties of foot glides or foot caps - From 3/4" to 1.0"+.  Their products are normally sold in packs of four each.


Foot Caps come in 'MAINLY' two standard diameter sizes:  3/4" and 7/8" with ROUND Frame Tubing.

Additionally, if you have Samsonite brand chairs (specifically, the Retail / Residential line) and they are within 8 years of purchase, look under your seat pan and see if there is a label.  If it says 'Samsonite, mfg by Meco Corp, their phone number is directly below this information on the label.  Meco Corp mfgs the RESIDENTIAL chair line for Samsonite.  Their plugs and caps are specific for their chairs. 


Folding Table Replacement Foot Caps
Standard Foot Cap is 1.0" Diameter


Replacement Stability or Saddle Plugs

Stability or Saddle Plugs come in many different styles (i.e. those that fit INTO the ID of the tube frame and those that fit OVER the frame tube outside diameter.  This is critical in getting plugs that will function for your chairs.


Replacement Parts for Samsonite Chairs

If you happen to have older commercial Samsonite folding chairs (circa 1960 +) that have OVAL foot glides and OVAL stability plugs, we regret to inform that replacements are no longer available.  Suggest for foot glides that you get a 1.0" cap from Home Depot and place OVER the entire current foot glide area.  Utopia it is not, but it will allow the up to 50 year old product to continue to be functional.


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